Saturday, 14 May 2016

15 of the Best Indonesian Food You Must Eat

Traveling around the world in different nations is not only for sightseeing but also experiencing the nature of the locals. Indonesia is the most visited country by many travelers but hardly anyone had tried the foods what people of Indonesia eat.

Here in this article, we will highlight the top 15 Indonesian Food you must eat whenever you have the chance to travel to Indonesia.

1. Nasi Goreng

Best Indonesian Food
Nasi Goreng
It is a plate of Stirred rice and there is additional that can add as eggs, meat or fish. This is the most favorite dish for the local in Indonesia.

2. Mie Ayam

It contains noodles that are served with the soup which is flavored in chicken and added with dumplings. Mie Ayam is one of the popular dishes.

3. Sate Ayam

Sate Ayam
Sate Ayam
It contains the BBQ chicken and it is served with the peanut sauce. One of the national dish for the people of Indonesia.

4. Rawon

it is a beef soup that is colored in Black. It is black in color because it is blended with the black nuts that are called Keluak.
The taste of this soup is most delicious that it gives the taste of nuts and spices are served with rice.

5. Bakso

It is  kind of a meatball that is made from the mixed beef which is normally called as Beef surimi. It is served with the bowl with noodles, rice, vegetables and tofu eggs.

6. Ayam Goreng

It looks like a fried chicken and it does taste like a friend chicken, Ayam Goreng is little different from a fast food fried chicken because their skills in cooking Ayam Goreng is different and has the special taste.

7. Sayur Asem

It is a sour soup that blended with the tamarind mixed with peanuts, jackfruit or long beans. Also, the meat is added to make the delicious soup add the great taste.

8. Gudeg

It is the traditional food that is mostly eaten by the people in Yogyakarta. It is made from the jackfruit with palm sugar, milk, and garlic. This food has been tasted by many foreign people and loved by all.

9.  Nasi Kuning

It is like a Yellow rice. The meaning of Nasi Kuning means turmeric rice. It is the famous breakfast the locals eat during their morning meals and. It is served with omelet, spices and peanuts.

10. Martabak

it is one of the minced beef. Martabak is made in two types, another type is martabaktelor, it is served with mincing of onions and the scallons.

11. Soto

This is one of the traditional foods for the people in Indonesia. Soto is yellow in color that is served in savory chicken with turmeric is shredded with rice, crispy fried shallots. Soto has the number of types that is served in different regions such as Soto Betawi, Soto Makassar, and Soto Kudus.

12. Gado-gado

This is one of the most delicious dishes that is served with vegetables such as the spinach and cabbage. It has the peanut sauce dressing that it will also look very delicious.

13. Pecil

This is the meal that is served in vegetables added with peanut sauce. It is similar to gadu-gadu but it is added with rice and other crackers.

14. Karedo

it is the raw meal of Gado-gado, most people often eat this way and also it has different taste.

15. Rendgang

This is one the spicy food for the spice lovers, it is Indonesian traditional food that is served with meat.