Thursday, 25 July 2013

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend to Like You Again

Getting your ex boyfriend to like you again can be a difficult feat to prove but which definitely means that you still feel strongly for him or her.

Get him to like you
Rarely will begging and pleading to be accepted back work for you.

Most of the time, you will need a set of carefully formulated steps on how to get your ex boyfriend back which will deliver the object of your desires right into your arms.

1. Do not seem very available

The plan is to make your ex miss you and start warming up to you again. By begging and pleading and following your ex everywhere he goes, you are making yourself very available and there is no intrigue in this.

While you need not disappear completely from your ex's radar, give them a little mystery. For example, cut short the conversation to answer a call or speak to a friend telling him "Catch you later".

More examples are explained in this video:

2. Treat the whole process with lots of patience

You need not seem too obvious that you are trying to get your ex to like you again. You want to do it in such a way that they will realize of their own accord that they are falling for you all over again.

Hence, Do NOT be very pushy in trying to get him to talk to you or to consider going out with you.

3. Keep yourself well groomed

You are trying to get someone to fall for you again after a period of separation between you. You need to give him new as well as reinforce the old reasons why they need to reconsider being in a relationship with you another time.

This means that you need to be well-groomed. Do not overdress but some mild cologne or perfume usually does the trick.

4. Strike a mild jealousy in your ex

Be sure to keep this at mild. You do not want your ex assuming that you have moved on with your life. Flirt about with a few people.

Only be sure not to give a signal that you are already an item with a different person. If he also still wants you back, the work of winning them back should be easier when you do this right.

5. Complement him once in a while if you still are friends

Many couples choose to remain friends even after a break up. If you are in this category and you get the chance to be alone with your ex, you are likely to drift to talk about your relationship.

Compliment them for the good times you shared. They will remember this at night and be sure, you will be in their mind.

6. Never allow them to get intimate with you if you are still not back together

Your ex, especially if it is a man, may realize that you still like them and try to take advantage of the situation. Never let your guard down with a person like this.

This will give him an ease in walking away. It will be a lot harder to get him to like you again.