Saturday, 28 December 2013

Michaela Romanini Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has become an obsession for most celebrities. It is like some sort of uniform to the rich and famous. Perhaps the adage 'One cook spoils the broth' has had its effect on these popular individuals. How? May be when they witnessed a successful surgery, every one of the celebs felt money would be well spent on their looks and not somewhere else. So while the young are looking for the stunning look, the fairly older are out to obtain the youthful appearance, yet they are wont to admit it. It is amazing what secret lies behind a youthful appearance, or stunning drop dead beauty for that matter.

Michaela Romanini is a famous Italian Socialite. She began experimenting with surgeries at a very tender age because anyway, there was plenty of money to do all that. She wanted the full lips which nature had denied her. After her first attempt at it; which was a total failure, she has ended up with more surgeries than she can think of. One lip surgery failure led to another and another. Right now, the millionaire looks more like a caricature than a human being. One would mistake her for a male as all the feminine features are not distinguishable in her new look.

Michaela Romanini Plastic Surgery

In Italy, Michaela was considered to be one of the most beautiful women. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but in some instances, there is no denial of its outward radiance. Michaela was respected for her looks, perhaps wanting too much of something makes it more dangerous than we thought. Or as someone once mentioned, at times people are not sure when they should stop. Take a case of one having a surgery, it backfires outright. They take yet another, and another, without having a limit. This is what happened to Romanini. Today she has a face that no one can easily recognize. After the freaking flopped procedure, there also seems to be fewer pictures of her before the knife began to have a go at her face.

In many instances, most celebrities admire the fuller lips. After having a change of lips, many opt for the nose job, then eyes and chin. By the time it gets to the cheeks, one will be so obsessed with the knife and will normally try it on the whole face as well as some other parts of the body. After one failed attempt, there is always the desire to keep it rolling. This has been the undoing of many celebrities. Always hoping that the next procedure will be successful, not a failure as the last one. It is also amazing why despite these failures; more and more famous individuals still go for surgeries. Perhaps it is a show of celebrity comradeship, or better. Because one failure leads to more trials, not retreat.

Well, the Michaela Romanini plastic surgery is just another of the celebrity bad plastic surgery. If you want to see some more, then go to my site.With the way the procedure is addictive, whoever thinks she may stop now could be kidding. The lady may still try to get more of her younger looks by opting for another surgery, hoping that this time it may just be a success.

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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Car Maintenance Checklist

Have you ever given it a though to treat your exactly in the same systematic way in which the car treats with you? Putting in the key, turning the switch on and start driving is your daily routine, but it can never be so much persistent every morning, if you are not taking care of your car the way you should.

Car Maintenance

It is important to check all the things of your car by following a regular timetable, but cars need so much care in detail that no one can keep a check on everything; except some of the very few people.

You can always make a check list to make sure that you are making your car happy by fulfilling it needs. So here are some following things in ascending order to follow:

Daily before-drive-check-up: It is the most basic and important thing to do as a car owner. You should check all the oil levels including engine, battery, brake and power steering.

After that make sure that your tyres are good to go and they have proper air to inflate them properly. Other than this, always drive after cleaning your car as it makes your personality even more charming to be noticed in a clean and shiny car.

Oil changing: It is the only thing, which can make your car drivable even after decades, and it is supposed to be well observed and changed on regular interval. Oil change cost is nothing in comparison to the benefits and reliability you get from your engine.
The interval depends on the quality of oil you use; some oils require to be changed after five thousand kilometers and some of them keep their quality maintained even till the 10000 kilometer mark comes on the ODO meter.

Body maintenance: It is the most neglected part of the cars, which shows its consequences after some year. Till the time comes when you notice the bad condition of your car's body, it already asks to spend a handful of money. So keep it in your checklist to make sure that you are taking care of every small dent and scratch to prevent any rust.

Suspension: you can run your car thousands of miles without any suspension issue, if you are taking care by not driving it on very rough conditioned and bumpy roads. You can drive carefully on a slow speed if you have no choice other than driving it on bad roads.

Keep your car's alignment checked after these types of experiences. Car alignment cost can never make a dent on your pocket as it is one of the cheapest treatments of your car.

Miscellaneous items: Make sure that your car’s each and every thing is working in a proper manner and keep using them to know if anything is broken or not working. These small little electric things bring the 'bling bling' effect to your car, so these should be taken care with a great care.

By following and keeping a check on these things, you can spend worry-less nights and keep enjoying your car's drive each and every single day. Make it sure that you have a car in the ideal and top notch condition.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend to Like You Again

Getting your ex boyfriend to like you again can be a difficult feat to prove but which definitely means that you still feel strongly for him or her.

Get him to like you
Rarely will begging and pleading to be accepted back work for you.

Most of the time, you will need a set of carefully formulated steps on how to get your ex boyfriend back which will deliver the object of your desires right into your arms.

1. Do not seem very available

The plan is to make your ex miss you and start warming up to you again. By begging and pleading and following your ex everywhere he goes, you are making yourself very available and there is no intrigue in this.

While you need not disappear completely from your ex's radar, give them a little mystery. For example, cut short the conversation to answer a call or speak to a friend telling him "Catch you later".

More examples are explained in this video:

2. Treat the whole process with lots of patience

You need not seem too obvious that you are trying to get your ex to like you again. You want to do it in such a way that they will realize of their own accord that they are falling for you all over again.

Hence, Do NOT be very pushy in trying to get him to talk to you or to consider going out with you.

3. Keep yourself well groomed

You are trying to get someone to fall for you again after a period of separation between you. You need to give him new as well as reinforce the old reasons why they need to reconsider being in a relationship with you another time.

This means that you need to be well-groomed. Do not overdress but some mild cologne or perfume usually does the trick.

4. Strike a mild jealousy in your ex

Be sure to keep this at mild. You do not want your ex assuming that you have moved on with your life. Flirt about with a few people.

Only be sure not to give a signal that you are already an item with a different person. If he also still wants you back, the work of winning them back should be easier when you do this right.

5. Complement him once in a while if you still are friends

Many couples choose to remain friends even after a break up. If you are in this category and you get the chance to be alone with your ex, you are likely to drift to talk about your relationship.

Compliment them for the good times you shared. They will remember this at night and be sure, you will be in their mind.

6. Never allow them to get intimate with you if you are still not back together

Your ex, especially if it is a man, may realize that you still like them and try to take advantage of the situation. Never let your guard down with a person like this.

This will give him an ease in walking away. It will be a lot harder to get him to like you again.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

6 Ways To Impress Your Husband

Being a wife and mother is something that almost every girl dreams of at one point or the other in life. When you finally get the chance to be married to the man of your dreams, you can add a lot of life to your marriage by constantly impressing him.

Wife Impressing Husband
Most men will start to cheat not because the love they had for their wives has been lost, but rather due to the fact that they let themselves go.

There are a number of ways to keep on impressing your husband which could do magic for your marriage as a whole;

1. Be smart

Men are attracted by visual elements. You need to keep this up for him by ensuring that you are smartly dressed whether going for work or remaining in the house all day.

In the bedroom, invest in some nice lingerie that will spur his imagination. You can never go wrong with your man if you constantly make yourself cute for his eyes.

2. Cook well

Men have remained old fashioned years and years later. They still believe that a worthy wife is she who can cook well. Do him his favourite meals once in a while.

If you are not very good in the kitchen department, taking up cooking classes will really impress your husband. He will be more endeared to you should he learn that you took the extra initiative to learn cooking just so that you can impress him with nicely cooked food.

3. Complement him

You need to stroke the ego of your husband once in a while. It will also make him feel secure with you. Complement his look and mannerisms instead of talking him down.

See, you husband likes to think of himself as your protector too so if the gym sessions got him a few biceps here and there, complement these and he will be very impressed.

4. Keep the house clean

To impress him, you need to make the house a haven that he would like to spend time in. This can be done by making sure that the place is not filthy and believe it or not, he will be impressed and appreciate you more for this.

Men may not be as clean as many women. However, they expect the wife they marry to make their haven a clean place which one looks forward to going back after a long day at work.

5. Talk openly and respectfully about any conflict

Conflicts have to arise in any sane marriage. If you are the woman who knows how to broach such subjects in a manner that does not demean your man, you will have him impressed a lot.

6. Be financially responsible

Husbands spend money worse than women. When your husband places the responsibility of shopping for this reason, do not disappoint him. Ensure that you use the money well and in a manner not extravagant if you have the desire to impress your man.

Impressing your man will definitely earn you more of his respect. Fortunately, this is something that you can do every single day.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

5 Inspiring Videos You Must Watch

Inspiration is what makes us successful in life. Here I am sharing 5 inspiring videos and I hope you will enjoy them.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Ex Girlfriend Sttill Cares About Me - What Do I Do?

Ex girlfriend says she still cares about me. This is a line that is bound to have a lot of men confused and at a loss on what to do. This is a rather normal occurrence due to the fact that rarely do people stop loving people they have grown fond of even after a break-up.

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Ex Girlfriend

However, you would both need to be cautious in the manner in which you relate to each other if this is the case. If not, you might end up messing up big time and bringing about many complications that you would best do without as ex-lovers.

When the girl you broke up with says she still cares about you, she probably does. You need to evaluate your feelings for her to determine whether it would be wise to getting back with your ex. If there are no feelings at all on your part, you need to let her know this in an honest way.

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Many men make the mistake of taking advantage of the ex-lover who still loves them. You do not wish to be caught in a triangle whose direction you are not sure of merely because one loves and the other does not.

My ex girlfriend says she still cares about me. This is a statement many men would try to be cautious in handling. If you have determined that the relationship can never work out again, you need to talk with the girl and let her know your feelings. Ensure that you tell her you need a bit of space in your life without her always hanging over you.

However, if you still have same feelings for your ex girlfriend then you can read these 10 winning steps to get your ex girlfriend back fast. These are some of the best advice I found online.

This, you can do in a thoughtful way bearing in mind the fact that her folly is in remaining in love with you whereas you have moved on. When you let her know that the feeling she has for you should not jeopardize your need to move on, she will appreciate the need to get her feelings in order so that you two find yourselves moving on.

If you are not of the opinion of getting your ex back, avoid scenarios that may be interpreted that you are trying to win her back. This will encourage her to keep nurturing the feelings which will only make the situation more complex.

Avoid being alone with her in some situations and you would also need to drop any kind of communication that may seem suggestive.

Friday, 1 February 2013

How to Handle Broken Relationship

Broken Relationship
Handling a broken relationship is very traumatic and tedious.

It doesn't only consume money and time but most importantly peace of mind and mending broken hearts.

There are a lot of reasons why good love ends. This means there are a lot of causes of broken relationship.

People do make hundreds of presumptions and notions why their relationships no longer exist.

Sad to say not any of these contribute to save broken relationships. So what then is the best "Relationship break up advice"?

Definitely, it won't be easy to lead a life without your other half. Some will not stop thinking about getting their exes back. If you are the one who is considering getting back together with ex, then read this article for some advice. Whatever it is, remember that your life doesn't end there. There is a great and wonderful life ahead of you. You can't stay in grief forever because the other party who dump you didn't stay alone and lonely.

Stop thinking on what you can do after a break up to get your ex back. There are still good fishes in the ocean. You can't just cry over spilled milk. Get up, go out and face the sunshine put a smile in your face and hope in your heart that everything will be okay and start all over again.


Put in your mind also what not to do after a break up, so you won't commit the same mistake over and over again. Happiness is a matter of choice. You can be happy or grieve for the rest of your live over that traumatic experience and the choice is yours to handle.