Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Great Cydia Apps For iOS7

In December 2013 came a relief for many Apple phone users on iOS7 platforms. This is because many of the users were able to modify their devices in order to increase their access to several apps outside the Apple stores. With the rise in third party app developers, it has been possible jailbreak most iDevices including the iOS7. The process of jailbreaking is not permissible by the Apple manufactures and you may end up losing the warranty of your device. However, the process is entirely legal.

There are several different repositories and apps which with a jailbroken iOS7 device. One of the apps that can be downloaded and installed is the AppSync app. The app can allow you to download several other apps and tools for free.

Installing AppSync on youriOS7 device is very simple, safe and can be performed by any iDevice user without the fear of destroying your gadget. The AppSync app is regularly updated depending on the iOS platform for which it is designed for.

Before you begin installing the app, you will first have to install Cydia on your already jailbroken device. Upon installation of Cydia, you will then proceed to open Cydia and go to manage and tap sources in order to access the location of the repos. From here you can view all the automatically installed repos in addition you can also edit or add sources. You can then add AppSync by taping on the Sources and adding its URL on the search bar on Cydia.

Occasionally you may have to put your iOS7 device on a recovery mode. In order to achieve this, you have to press several buttons including the Wake, Sleep and Home buttons. With time, the process of pressing the buttons can eat into the keep pad causing the iDevice to lose its sensory functions. Due to this reason, RecBoot app has beendeveloped in order to set the device on a recovery and out-of-recovery mode without the need to involve the buttons.

In order to obtain the app on your iOS device, you can be able to install it through a PC on windows or running on Mac. First you have to search the app on web after which you download and install it to your computer. You can now connect your iDevice to the computer so as to install the application on the gadget. The app works marvelously as it allows for swift operation of your iOS device into recovery mode.