Sunday, 10 November 2013

Car Maintenance Checklist

Have you ever given it a though to treat your exactly in the same systematic way in which the car treats with you? Putting in the key, turning the switch on and start driving is your daily routine, but it can never be so much persistent every morning, if you are not taking care of your car the way you should.

Car Maintenance

It is important to check all the things of your car by following a regular timetable, but cars need so much care in detail that no one can keep a check on everything; except some of the very few people.

You can always make a check list to make sure that you are making your car happy by fulfilling it needs. So here are some following things in ascending order to follow:

Daily before-drive-check-up: It is the most basic and important thing to do as a car owner. You should check all the oil levels including engine, battery, brake and power steering.

After that make sure that your tyres are good to go and they have proper air to inflate them properly. Other than this, always drive after cleaning your car as it makes your personality even more charming to be noticed in a clean and shiny car.

Oil changing: It is the only thing, which can make your car drivable even after decades, and it is supposed to be well observed and changed on regular interval. Oil change cost is nothing in comparison to the benefits and reliability you get from your engine.
The interval depends on the quality of oil you use; some oils require to be changed after five thousand kilometers and some of them keep their quality maintained even till the 10000 kilometer mark comes on the ODO meter.

Body maintenance: It is the most neglected part of the cars, which shows its consequences after some year. Till the time comes when you notice the bad condition of your car's body, it already asks to spend a handful of money. So keep it in your checklist to make sure that you are taking care of every small dent and scratch to prevent any rust.

Suspension: you can run your car thousands of miles without any suspension issue, if you are taking care by not driving it on very rough conditioned and bumpy roads. You can drive carefully on a slow speed if you have no choice other than driving it on bad roads.

Keep your car's alignment checked after these types of experiences. Car alignment cost can never make a dent on your pocket as it is one of the cheapest treatments of your car.

Miscellaneous items: Make sure that your car’s each and every thing is working in a proper manner and keep using them to know if anything is broken or not working. These small little electric things bring the 'bling bling' effect to your car, so these should be taken care with a great care.

By following and keeping a check on these things, you can spend worry-less nights and keep enjoying your car's drive each and every single day. Make it sure that you have a car in the ideal and top notch condition.