Friday, 26 April 2013

Ex Girlfriend Sttill Cares About Me - What Do I Do?

Ex girlfriend says she still cares about me. This is a line that is bound to have a lot of men confused and at a loss on what to do. This is a rather normal occurrence due to the fact that rarely do people stop loving people they have grown fond of even after a break-up.

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Ex Girlfriend

However, you would both need to be cautious in the manner in which you relate to each other if this is the case. If not, you might end up messing up big time and bringing about many complications that you would best do without as ex-lovers.

When the girl you broke up with says she still cares about you, she probably does. You need to evaluate your feelings for her to determine whether it would be wise to getting back with your ex. If there are no feelings at all on your part, you need to let her know this in an honest way.

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Many men make the mistake of taking advantage of the ex-lover who still loves them. You do not wish to be caught in a triangle whose direction you are not sure of merely because one loves and the other does not.

My ex girlfriend says she still cares about me. This is a statement many men would try to be cautious in handling. If you have determined that the relationship can never work out again, you need to talk with the girl and let her know your feelings. Ensure that you tell her you need a bit of space in your life without her always hanging over you.

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This, you can do in a thoughtful way bearing in mind the fact that her folly is in remaining in love with you whereas you have moved on. When you let her know that the feeling she has for you should not jeopardize your need to move on, she will appreciate the need to get her feelings in order so that you two find yourselves moving on.

If you are not of the opinion of getting your ex back, avoid scenarios that may be interpreted that you are trying to win her back. This will encourage her to keep nurturing the feelings which will only make the situation more complex.

Avoid being alone with her in some situations and you would also need to drop any kind of communication that may seem suggestive.